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Home Furniture
& Decor

Home sweet Home. Home is where the heart is.... Home is where comfort is...Home- a place of deep solace and tranquillity. The place one wants to be even after trotting the whole globe.

Obviously we want our homes to speak out our style, our story, our likes and dislikes, our whims and fancies,our passions and idiosyncrasies ...
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Office Furniture

Office can be the best work place if it is well designed according to your requirements. Credentials like well lit, well ventilated, optimised, clean, aesthetically pleasing, functional, with sound anthropometric, good storage space make a good working infrastructure.

Wouldn't anyone love to work in such an office?

Yes it is achievable. Yes, this is our new collection, check it out our new arrivals.


The Story


Mr Manoj goyal, the company head having an eye for detail and perfection, started the showroom in 1992, at kamla nagar, Agra, with the objective to create exclusive teakwood furniture, timeless both in design and durability. He has steered the company to ever new heights with latest trends in furniture, by refurbishing the showroom according to the demands of the market, and keeping the quality and durability of the products to its utmost importance.
Showroom covered area - 10,000 sq. ft.

Our Specialities


We specialize in home Furniture, Office Furniture, Interior designing, furniture layout planning, artifacts and paintings. All designed and created for you to give you the perfect solution to compliment your space while keeping budget consideration too.
Our designs range from traditional to contemporary and as we use vast range of suppliers we can offer a solution to fit any space in your home. All of our solutions are fitted with soft closing systems to offer extra durability to your furniture.

Our Services


Our services include visit to your home or office at a very nominal price, to allow us to visualize what you would require best to make your place work better functionally and look aesthetically pleasing. Using our experience we can tailor a design to fit your home /office /showroom. We will bring brochures and samples of the products we use to make it easy for you to judge the quality for yourself. A full survey is carried out in your space and a CAD design can be sent through so you can have a better perception of the end result before you buy.

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