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LCD Cabinet

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  1. LCD sideboard

    An ultramodern furniture piece which can be used as a LCD cabinet or a sideboard with ample storage space.No handles to make it as sleek and modern as possible. One open shelf for convenience and easy access.Made of teak wood and melamine walnut polish to blend well with any type of interiors. A low height cabinet to go well with big LCDs easily. Can be customised
  2. Large LCD Cabinet

    A perfectly designed LCD cabinet to accommodate all the players,stabiliser,CDs along with your precious art pieces to enhance your drawing room's or your living room's beauty.The furniture has special practical details like switch board and wire hole cut-out for neat and tidy ambience. A long glass panel sleekly fitted onto the left open shelf concealing and revealing the artefacts beautifully.The top shelves have concealed lighting. You name it and you have it all in this LCD cabinet.It is made of teak wood and finished with melamine walnut polish. Can be customised with good quality.
  3. Open shelf LCD cabinet

    A very fine ,perfect workmanship wooden LCD cabinet.Short and cute with rounded corners.The front panels are rounded at the top with various levels ,cuts and grooves. Open in the middle to have convenient access to stabilisers and various players. four drawers,two on each side can store ample CDs and related paraphernalia. Can be customised
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3 Item(s)